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 Enhance and protect your woodworking projects with UNIPRO Shellac Flakes, a premium solution for sealing raw timber, crafts, and more. Shellac Flakes are derived from natural lac resin, sustainably harvested . Popular in the furniture up-cycling industry, Shellac naturally forms a protective barrier to safeguard against tannin bleed-through, block odours, and prevent prior stains from leaching through water-based paints. 

Instructions for mixing: 
Materials Needed:
• 50g UNIPRO Shellac Flakes
• 200ml Denatured Alcohol (Also referred to as Methylated spirits) 
• Straining Cloth or Fine Mesh Strainer
•  Air-tight container for Mixing (Glass is best)
• Applicator (Brush or Pad)
• Sandpaper (for surface preparation)

Mix the flakes with Methylated spirits in a ventilated area in a container of your choice, breaking up the flakes for easier dissolution. Stir or shake the jar, though it can take up to 12 hours for full dissolution. Strain the solution using cloth or stocking to remove undissolved particles. Apply the shellac evenly using. Allow the first coat to dry completely, taking a few hours depending on the environment. If necessary, apply additional coats and allow to cure for 24 hours. 

Clean up - Methylated spirits

TIP - Use the same natural bristle brush for all you shellac applications. Let the shellac dry on the brush after each use. It will become hard, but you can reactivate it by soaking the brush in Methylated spirits for 15 minutes and then blotting off the excess for reuse.


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