Collection: Staalmeester® 2020 SERIES ROUND

Imported from the Netherlands, the round brush from the Staalmeester® 2020 series is equipped with our 100% synthetic fibre. It has all positive features from the traditional mix series (2010), but then without natural bristle. Has an INOX ferrule, a cotton rope and a beechwood handle, all in the familiar Staalmeester® colours. Perfectly apt for working with water-based paints. Now also better combined with synthetic paints, due to the new fibre.

100% Synthetic fibre

Available in 7 sizes - size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. 


Wash with Fusion's Brush Soap to maintain this brush for life.

Do not let paint dry on the bristles, submerge in water just below the ferrule and let soak if you have no time to clean your brush. Come back later to wash it out with brush cleaner.

Hand made with FSC certified wood
Imported from the Netherlands