Cling On Brush OVAL

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CLING ON! brushes are handmade in Holland with only the very best synthetic filaments manufactured by industry leader DuPont, secured into the stainless steel ferrule by epoxy cement, ensuring there is ZERO filament shedding.

Not only do they offer superior paint application with a flawless result but they last for many years, making them the number one favourite brush to use by Furniture Up-Cyclers.

Our oval brushes are very popular among cabinet painters! They hold so much paint so painting will go super quick.


Caring for your Cling On!

Important! DO NOT remove the strings at the base of the round and oval brushes. This helps the brush keep its shape.

Cling On!'s nylon bristles have a special dye coating and are designed to be stored in water in-between use.  The filaments retains their stiffness in water and returns perfectly to their original shape.

After painting, just rinse your brush a little and hang with the brush's feet in water, due to the special coating any remaining paint will simply fall from the bristles.

Cling On! brushes retain there shape beautifully, due to the carefully selected filaments, further enhanced by the dye coating.

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