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Posh Chalk METALLIC PASTE 150g

Posh Chalk METALLIC PASTE 150g

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The Metallic Smooth Pastes, available in 17 colours, have a wide range of uses, with many more waiting to be discovered by you. Developed specifically to complement the WoodUbend range of mouldings, they can also be used to make a surface wash, or raised stencilling (a little like thermographic inks), or applied to wall panels – again, use heat to achieve a deeper texture and greater tactility.…the applications are endless. Not only are they quick and easy to apply with a palette knife, but they bring another dimension to your workpiece. By simply adding heat, you will see your paste jump right out at you. The only product of its kind.

The only product of its kind… just watch what happens to our Light Gold Metallic Paste when heat is added. PUFF! The pastes jump right out!


POSH Chalk Launch 2020 - Demonstration Video
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