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Madeline MINI Pointed Wax Brush

Madeline MINI Pointed Wax Brush

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Madeline Mini Tapered
Bristle Length 1.75" (45mm)
Width 1" (25.5mm)
Length 5.75" (146mm)

You know those hard to reach areas that you can never seem to get your wax into? Well, get ready to stick it to those crevices with the Madeline Mini Rounded/Pointed Wax Brush.

This lovely little tool has a perfect, rounded tip to help you get your antiquing wax into even the smallest of details. Hand-contoured and measuring 1" in circumference, we prefer it for small areas and dark wax, but it can also be used for clear.

And it's also the perfect size for small containers of wax!

The cutest wax brush around, the Madeline Mini Rounded will make your details, corners and crevices sing!

Handmade with care in North America and sold through Addicted to Vintage Furniture.

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