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UNi-Pro MICROFIBRE ROLLER 100mm/4mm nap 2 pack

UNi-Pro MICROFIBRE ROLLER 100mm/4mm nap 2 pack

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Super easy to use and compatible with slide-on mini roller frames
High absorption, low spatter and lint free
The Little Ripper Mini Roller cover range from UNi-PRO combines quality components with trade fabrics to give you maximum performance and professional results.

Ideal for painting doors, cupboards, cabinets, furniture, window trims, architraves and most small spaces requiring a detailed finish

Microfibre (4mm Nap is best suitable for use with Aqua enamel, gloss, satin and varnish paints for a super smooth gloss finish.

Handy Tips:
If you are painting overnight, make sure you wrap up your paint roller covers in cling wrap, so they don’t dry out. They can then be reused the next day to finish off your painting task.

When painting a room always start on the ceiling and then work your way down from there. Ceiling, walls, trims and finally doors.

Set contains slide-on frame plus 2 x microfibre fabric covers, 4mm nap. 

Also available in 10-pack 4mm Nap

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