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Paintable Wallpaper - BERKELEY 1 METRE

Paintable Wallpaper - BERKELEY 1 METRE

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Berkeley' is one of the oldest designs in this range and has been in constant production for over 110 years, initially sold in 21 inch x 12 yard rolls for 12 shillings. 
An embossed wallcovering suitable for use in high durability areas. Classic Anaglypta design. This wallcovering is white and is designed to be painted a colour of your choice. 

Tips - Surface must be clean and free of dirt, grease and oils. If surface is freshly painted, wait 3 days before laying.  Use wallpaper paste to apply. Paste must be applied to the reverse side of wallpaper, not the surface. Let paste sit for 5-10 minutes before laying your wallpaper. Trim as required and remove any excess paste. Wallpaper can be painted, once dry which is normally 24 hours. 

Price is per Metre 

Width 0.53 m



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