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Contains 2 x Stamps 12"x12", 30.48cm x 30.48cm

A versatile DIY tool made to help you transform your creations! These large scale stamps are made with food safe material that can be used on baked goods, sugar arts, decor, furniture, and just about whatever else you can put your mind to.
To use an Iron Orchid Design stamp, you will need to apply ink to the stamp, position it on your desired surface, and then press down firmly and evenly to transfer the image onto the surface. You can use various types of ink depending on the surface and the effect you want to achieve. It's also recommended to practice on a test surface before stamping onto your final project to ensure you have the desired result.

To prepare your stamps, use sandpaper to scuff the surface before removing from the backing. Different mounting methods are recommended for different surfaces, including a large block for flat surfaces, freestyle stamping for irregular surfaces, and no mount for curved surfaces. Use paint or ink for different mediums, and be sure to apply a generous load of medium when stamping fabric. Care for your stamps by keeping wet wipes nearby, washing them with mild soap and warm water, and storing them on the clear backing after cleaning.


Fabric: When stamping fabric the load of medium should be generous in order to penetrate the fibres, and the look will be different with different levels of fabric texture. Décor ink, Chalk paint and other fabric suitable mediums work well. It is our opinion that the ideal fabric for permanent washables is 100 percent cotton. However, blends and some other natural fibres can sometimes work as well. Do a small test to be sure. Allow your newly stamped fabric to dry/cure for a minimum of 24 hours, then heat set with an iron on high heat before washing.

Caring for your stamps
We find that the easiest way to care for and clean stamps is to keep wet wipes nearby, and avoid letting the medium dry all the way on the stamp surface. Then, when you have time, wash them with mild soap and warm water. For some mediums you may find that you need a stamp cleaner. Use one that is safe for clear stamps. After thoroughly cleaned, place them back on the clear backing for storage


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