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Hewbury Paint® - OUTBACK RUST

Hewbury Paint® - OUTBACK RUST

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Add a bit of elegant Australiana to your house by echoing our landscape's natural beauty with Hewbury's Outback Rust. Our natural terrain contains some of the most magnificent colours and textures anyplace on the planet, so why wouldn't we want to celebrate that in our homes?

HEWBURY PAINT® is a premium clay-based, low- sheen, all-in-one furniture paint created for both beginners and experienced painters in mind. No topcoat is required, but may be applied for even more durability or if a different sheen is desired.

Developed by trusted furniture painters who take pride in quality.
- Premium Acrylic Polymers & Pigments
- Excellent brush-ability
- Self-priming and self-levelling abilities
- Excellent adhesion and durability
- UV and water resistance"
- Low VOCs
- 5 to 7 days cure time

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