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Hewbury PaintĀ® - MUSTARD

Hewbury PaintĀ® - MUSTARD

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NEW! š— š—Øš—¦š—§š—”š—„š——
A very necessary colour! Hewbury's Mustard is a warm yellow that lends sophistication and energy to your piece.

We've shown it here with IOD's Paradise Paint Inlay.

HEWBURY PAINTĀ® is a premium clay-based, low- sheen, all-in-one furniture paint created for both beginners and experienced painters in mind. No topcoat is required, but may be applied for even more durability or if a different sheen is desired.

Developed by trusted furniture painters who take pride in quality.
- Premium Acrylic Polymers & Pigments
- Excellent brush-ability
- Self-priming and self-levelling abilities
- Excellent adhesion and durability
- UV and water resistance"
- Low VOCs
- 5 to 7 days cure time

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