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Hewbury Paint® Fortified Stain & Sealer - NOODE

Hewbury Paint® Fortified Stain & Sealer - NOODE

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Comprising a myriad of beautiful timber colours and a clear, our Fortified Stain & Sealer range makes wood-staining really convenient as the sealer in it is so durable it’s suitable for protecting exterior decking as well!

The idea behind this product:

To avoid the harmful solvents in oil-based stains, we decided to focus on a water-based formula. Because we already have our very popular water-resistant Extra Protective Clear Coat (available in eggshell and gloss finish) for indoor/sheltered furniture, we wanted something different, something hardier that’s suitable for outdoor furniture. We came up with a Fortified Stain & Sealer range that is non-yellowing and water-repellent (like oil-based sealers but without the toxicity). This formula comes in a UV-resistant semi-gloss sheen (a higher sheen represents more durability). If preferred, the sheen can be dulled by applying an additional coat of our Extra Protective Clear Coat in the eggshell finish.


Hewbury Paint’s® Fortified Stain & Sealer is specially formulated to provide a hard-wearing, translucent finish to your surface. The Clear gives a transparent finish. There is no need for additional top coats!

This is a high quality commercial grade product that is very different from similar stains on the market. It has very low VOC’s, no nasty chemicals (non-toxic) and is so easy to apply. You apply it as you would any top-coat sealer or water-based poly.

It is self-levelling so it’s important to let it dry naturally and not use a heat gun. This product has been tried and tested, and is just as good if not better, than similar products on the market.

How to use:

Apply with brush, sponge, roller, or sprayer

Can be applied on raw wood or water-based painted surfaces.

Wash up with water.

Stir thoroughly before use. Ensure surface is clean, dry and dust-free.

For raw wood, we recommend 220-grit or higher sanded finish prior to application.

Mist surface/tool with water prior to application. This helps the product glide and stain evenly.

The more coats applied, the darker and opaquer the result.

Minimum two coats recommended with drying time in between.

Touch Dry time: 30 minutes at 25°C

Hard Dry time: 90 minutes at 25°C

Re-coat time: 2 hours at 25°C

Fully Cured:  24 hours at 25°C 

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