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NEW! Inspired by the warm Tuscan breeze, this clear scented wax, Hills of Tuscany, is absolutely stunning to work with and smells divine with its citrus base, balanced with beautiful herbal scents, and a hint of floral.

A fine museum quality wax, based on an old family recipe, it is soft and smooth, easy to apply and goes on like butter. This beautifully scented wax provides a durable finish with a beautiful lustre.
Use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply wax in a thin layer, working into recesses of carved details or surface imperfections. Wipe away excess. Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes. Buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.
As this product contains only essential oils, the scents will diffuse over time and is only intended to be apparent for the duration of waxing and will slowly fade away within a couple of days. These waxes will not fill the room with a strong aroma of either scent and will not yellow over time.

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