Dixie Belle – GILDING WAX

$ 26.99 Inc GST

Bring a metallic luster to your piece with Gilding Wax. This oil-based product will radiate across all types of projects and create scintillation on any piece. Use this product on ornate cavings to enhance texture or detail with a metal-like flare.

Each color comes in a 40 ml (1.3 oz) container.



Add a touch of beauty, shimmer and sheen to your painted projects.  You can apply Gilding Wax with your finger, cloth, sponge or brush.Let the Gilding Wax dry for 30 – 60 minutes. Lightly buff after 12 hours to produce a beautiful gilded finish.

If the lid is left off and material becomes dry, add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits and mix.

Use Gilding Wax in a well ventilated area!


Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc (not yet available in Australia)


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