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Finnabair Air Basics MATTE SOFT GEL

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Excellent for all decoupage papers and Redesign's recommended medium for their Decoupage Decor Tissue Papers

Transparent, flexible, permanent, acrylic medium with matte finish.

Light, spreadable gel, great as a collage adhesive, for varnishing effects and for transfer techniques.
Great base for custom gels and paints - mix with pigments, inks and acrylic paints.
Water-based. Archival safe. Non-toxic. Application: best results when applied with a paintbrush, sponge or stencil brush. It can be dried with a heating tool.


What can Soft Gel do?

- It acts as a liquid glue for paper and lightweight elements, it is perfect for collage techniques. Applied on the top of the project acts like a varnish.

- Soft Gel acts as a resist: you can create interesting, resist and layering effects in combination with water based sprays, inks and paints.

- It is a good sealer for products from Art Ingredients Line: seals in Fine Glitters or Art Sugar to create sparkly or iridescent effects on your project.

- It seals Crackle mediums to prevent larger pieces from chipping off.

- It can be used for image transfer techniques.

- It is great for mixing with colored mediums: pigments, inks, watercolor paints, acrylic paints. It doesn't change the intensity of the color of the paints – it changes into customized colored soft gel instead – it can be applied with a paintbrush like paints.

- Soft Gel adds transparency to water based paints providing a range of interesting effects for your projects.

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