Dixie Belle BOSS - GREY

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No more shellac and oil based primers to block bleed through. Boss is here!

What is BOSS?

BOSS Blocks Odours, Stains, Stops Bleed Through!

BOSS contains odour eliminating and stain blocking technology for exceptional coverage. This creamy formula glides on smooth and dries in about an hour.

BOSS prevents bleed through of wood tannins and stains, allowing you to transform any piece to a crisp, light colour with ease. This product will completely mask odours on old furniture that may have been exposed to smoke, pets, or other circumstances that contribute to odours.

In two coats, BOSS tackles tough set in stains including permanent marker, water stains, and much more. BOSS even masks smoke odours and nicotine smells. BOSS is a water based formula that mimics an oil based or shellac product. That means easy soap and water clean-up!




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