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DAS Air Dry Modelling Clay - WOOD

DAS Air Dry Modelling Clay - WOOD

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DAS, the modelling clay that sparks creativity.

And then DAS created wood!

Introducing DAS WOOD, the innovative wood paste that allows everyone to shape simple objects and true sculptures.

Made with water-based formula and soft wood fibers, it enables unique and impressive creations. Ideal for artists, designers, hobbyists, and schools, it is a professional-grade paste that is also easy to handle for children and occasional users.

It air hardens, dries slowly, (up to 7 days) and allows the creation of durable and long-lasting wooden sculptures. It can be worked with gouges, spatulas, and chisels during and after drying, and can be decorated with paints and varnishes once dry. It can be used for bas-reliefs and all-rounds. It is also perfect for up-cycling and restoration projects.

DAS Wood is solvent free, dermatologically tested, gluten free, and water-based, making it suitable for children aged 3+.

TIP -  Place the mould, with the clay inside, in the freezer for 10 minutes. This will allow the clay pieces to easily release from the silicone and prevent warping or twisting during removal. This is a slow drying clay. It can take up to 7 days to fully harden. 

Made in: Italy
Weight: 350g or 700g
Material: Non-toxic, water-based formula consisting of softwood fibres

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