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I first found the love of transforming furniture 18 years ago when preparing my first-born sons’ bedroom. I was in the nesting stage and wanted everything perfect before his arrival.  I remember there wasn’t a lot of choice or information out there.  It really was just oil based or water based in satin, semi-gloss or high gloss. Back then, I wasn’t really aware of VOC’s and was advised to use oil as it was the most durable.  Chalk Paint was really unheard of. I up-cycled a chest of drawers I had as a child and I was hooked. It was so inexpensive to change your decor and update furniture with a few coats of paint.  

As the years passed, I discovered chalk paint. There was only a small selection of Annie Sloan retailers and one manufacturer (Porters) I could find in Melbourne. I was given a few vague instructions and sent on my way. I purchased 1L and like so many other first timers, my colour of choice was white. It was a massive pine kitchen hutch and I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t matter, I loved the experience.  Then 4 years ago, my family and I purchased a beach house. This is when my love for upcycling became serious! I soon had a garage filled with furniture and one by one, completed each piece. When settlement day arrived, we were able load a truck and furnish our beach house.

I was now completely addicted!  Like many of you, I started looking around my home at pieces I could paint and update. Meanwhile I was introduced to Fusion Mineral Paint by my lovely cousin Lisa, from Ocean Street Furniture in Hervey Bay QLD.  She had started her own little upcycling business and was using Fusion Mineral Paint.  I drove to my local stockist and picked up some Coal Black.  Oh my goodness, this paint was amazing and so it began.

I want to give my customers more. More information, more choice, and more flexibility.  Although my love for Fusion Mineral Paint will be always there, I still enjoyed experimenting and using other paints.  As a retailer, I only want to stock the best.  I can’t sell a product I don’t believe in. I believe in these brands and they all have their strengths and with all 3 brands, you can achieve similar finishes and results, but the steps may differ. Most importantly, all 3 brands have zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) meaning no odors. They all use the best quality ingredients money can buy and consistently perform to high standards. They require minimal preparation, and all are extremely durable.

Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is NOT a chalk paint.  Manufactured in Canada, this is an acrylic paint, made with 100% high grade acrylic resin, minerals for pigment and water.  It cures rock hard as there are no fillers like many other paint companies use to speed up the curing time. It can be used on many surfaces internally and externally.  Fusion may take a 21-28 days to fully cure, but once it does, its more durable because of its purity. Fusion Mineral Paint does not require a topcoat and dries to a matte finish although darker colours such as Coal Black and Midnight Blue have a slight sheen because of their pigments. It has excellent coverage and a little goes a long way. This paint can achieve a flawless finish but may require paying a little more attention to prepping. Scuff sanding is a must, but adhesion on glossy surfaces will require Fusion Ultra Grip as a base coat. Although self-levelling, it’s important to not over work this paint as you may create brush stokes, although they do have a paint extender to increase open time for larger flat surfaces, such as tabletops. It’s hugely popular for Kitchen makeovers. Fusion Mineral Paint retails for $9 for 37ml testers and $40 for 500mls pots and their colour and product range is extensive and new colours are launched every 6 months or so.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle is new to Australia and new to ATVF.  Made in the USA, it already has a massive following and is hugely popular. Again, a high-quality water-based paint. Like Fusion, it doesn’t require a topcoat and once fully cured, is completely water resistant. Dixie Belle dries to an ultra-matte finish but caters for all styles with their tops coat options available in Flat, Satin and Gloss. Whether you love French Provincial, Farmhouse, Bo Ho or modern, their extensive colour and product range can help you achieve the look you desire. They are known for their unique water-based waxes, gel stains, glazes, oils, patina’s and metallics.  Love blending?  This is the paint for you. Let your artistic juices flow, creating gorgeous works of art and if you need any inspiration, tune into the videos and tutorials from the hugely talented and passionate Dixie Belle Brand Ambassadors online.  They are also happy to help answer any questions you may have.  Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint retails for $21.60 for 16oz (236mls) and $39 for 16oz (473mls.)

Date – 28 December 2019 by Donna Stanbury

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